26 June 2010

Lights! Camera!

Well, camera anyway. Yesterday I completed and submitted a proposal to present an Important Theoretical Work at a conference in Europe at the end of the summer. Today I'd like to get back to sorting things out in what I've decided to call My Workroom. After I watch USA v. Ghana. Yes, I'm one of those irritating Americans who forget soccer/football for 3.5 years at a time and then become devoted fans of the World Cup. According to Stuff White People Like, I do this because I like to pretend I'm a European. That's not quite it, though. I like to feel that I live in a world with many different countries of which the US is only one and by no means the most important or dangerous. Plus Landon Donovan is very cute.

Anyway, the camera. Here is the view out My Workroom window where there is a magnificent cedar. It has probably been there since the house was built (along with all of its little neighbors in the San Fernando Valley in 1949) but this is my first opportunity to enjoy the view. It makes me happy.


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