24 June 2012

The Stars in Alignment

Well, all I meant was, this is both the second anniversary of this blog and my 100th post. Calloo callay, right? So, I thought, I'd title this post "The Stars in Alignment." But then I realized I don't actually know what that means, so I asked my friend Google, and it turns out to be what the Mayan Calendar End-of-the-World stuff is all about--Gallactic Alignment 2012. I'm sorry, but this post is not going to live up to the hype. Deal with it.

Not that it won't be a decent post. It would be better if I had decided what to give away to celebrate 2 + 100, but I haven't figured out what I have or can do that anyone would want so I'm still thinking about it. But meanwhile I have an award to graciously accept and, maybe, pawn off on one of you. Last month the delightful Elle C gave me the Sunshine Award!
Actually she gave me the Liebster Award but, ungrateful child crone that I am, I nagged her into switching it out for the Sunshine award because I already had the Liebster Award. ElleC is funny, talented, and thinks we were separated at birth, with which I am honored to agree!
The Sunshine Award comes with questions to answer:

Favourite Animal: My familiar William the cat.

Favourite Number: 17.

Favourite Non-Alcoholic Drink: Double Espresso just kissed with a little foam, aka Double Macchiato. Not too much foam, please. No, not that much--don't pour it in! Use the tiny cup and fill it less than half way. Oh, whatever.

Facebook or Twitter: Facebook. Yes, it is intrusive and annoying, but it has put me in touch with friends and relatives I hardly remember, without demanding anything more from me than that I "like" them occasionally.

My Passion: Does sleeping count? Teaching, but that sounds too self-important.

Getting or Giving Presents: Giving. Less pressure.

Favourite Pattern: Right now probably Butterick 5498 because I just made it and it looks OK. I'll post a picture next time I wear it.

Favourite Day of the Week: Thursday.

Favourite Flower: Salvia Leucantha (Mexican Sage), which grows well in my garden no matter how I neglect it and has pretty velvety purple flowers and velvety white stems.

Favourite celebrity role model: I don't really do celebrity role models, but I do admire Annette Bening's hair.
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Now it is my turn to pass this award along before the world ends, so I give it to Marie in the Cave, who was such a delightful presence on the Me-Made-May '12 Flickr page, is German but lives in Switzerland, likes Terry Pratchett, Dick Francis and Jane Austen, and hasn't posted a No Awards, Please warning on her blog.