29 July 2010

Gimme a Tee!

I am awash in T-shirts. Sports fan T-shirts. Funny (and once funny) T-shirts. Loyal supporter T-shirts. Elementary school musical program costume T-shirts. Free T-shirts. Raggedy, much-loved T-shirts. Never-worn T-shirts. You get the picture. The recent room reshuffle that gave me my work room also stirred up the sediment of T-shirts at the bottom of every dresser drawer and they have now come to rest on every available surface. I have bagged and donated so many that all the local Goodwill stores now lock their donation doors when they see me coming. But many are not fit to be given away, and others are too precious.

So I decided to make a T-shirt quilt. I don't quilt, and I don't need a quilt, and I doubt it will be a very attractive quilt, but by promising to make a quilt of all the T-shirts with sentimental value to anyone in the house I can get away with reducing the bulk of what I have to keep from a pile of T-shirts to a pile of knit squares, one per shirt. Brilliant! But it seems such a waste simply to throw away three quarters of each shirt.

At this point the T-shirt presence was coming to resemble the Cat in the Hat's pink spot--every effort to clear it up was making it bigger. I decided to cut off the bands and bulky seams and shred the rest. A week of mindless cutting while watching TV and I have this:
Actually, a big bag of this, and more where that came from. Perfect for stuffing something--but what?

How do you recycle T-shirts? What would you do with this stuff?


  1. Hi KC,

    I have zero tees now that I am no longer working. If I do a charity bike, or activity, I ask for a tote instead! Good luck on that quilt-the sheer mass of tee fabric is overwhelming.

    Your library widget is so cool. Where did you get it, and more importantly, have you read all that serious stuff? (with the exception of Nevada Barr)


  2. Mary,
    The Library Widget is from Library Thing a cool place to catalog your books, compare your library with others, and generally wallow in bibliophilia. As to what I've read, Jacques Derrida, when asked whether he had read all the many books in his apartment, is supposed to have replied: "No, only four. But I've read those four very, very carefully." I'll go with that. :)

  3. Thanks, I'm going to check it out.