19 September 2010

My Magic Pants

Magic pants.JPG

Above are my magic pants. I bought them at Goodwill a day or two before I left the US. They would have been $6 but someone cut the left pocket clean out of them--I don't know why and I don't want to know why--so I got 10% off plus another 10% off for being old. I stitched up the missing pocket (sewing connection there) and off we went. I've been traveling now for about 5 weeks. These pants are magic because they dry overnight. Even when it is raining outside (which pretty much it always has been). They are lightweight. I can be persuaded that every color goes with them. Yesterday I barfed on these pants just a little in Bruges (due to over-enthusiastic coughing due to a two-week-old cold. See comment about rain, above.) I wiped them down and they dried in an hour, then I washed them out last night and they are dryly covering my butt as I sit in them and type in Berlin. Magic pants.

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