02 March 2012

Another Month Gone ...

… and nothing much to show for it. Well, there's this beauty in my front yard:
IMG 0372
My ceanothus, blooming all over for the first time this year. They call these "California Lilacs" but they shouldn't.

I retired the improbable orange socks after rounding one heel, deciding I'd had enough practice and could begin on the real things, a.k.a. DH's 2011 Christmas socks.

I knit while riding the subway to and from work. I also ride my bicycle to the subway station and take it with me on the train. (I don't ride at rush hour.) The other day, I was knitting and sitting peacefully not bothering anybody or talking to myself very much. We came to my stop and I grabbed everything (knitting, helmet, gloves, bicycle, etc.) to hop off the train when I discovered that I had somehow tied my knitting around the pole beside me (the one my bike is leaning on). Kamikaze knit bombing, anyone? Yes, I am that crazy lady you hope won't talk to your children or offer them candy.

IMG 0373


  1. Hahaha! Oh I'm sorry if that meant any damage to your knitting but that is so funny. And I'm sure that would happen to me too if I tried knitting on public transport. That pole would look better with a bit of yarn bombing. If the socks don't work out :)

  2. Oops. The knitting story is funny but your label "crone" is what really made me laugh!