15 April 2012

Worth Its Featherweight in Gold and Other Delusions

There's an ad running on Craigslist locally offering to sell a 1937 Featherweight for $1000! According to the ad:
Singer 221 has the distinct honor or perhaps there has never been a better sewing machine ever made than the singer 221. As Singer's finest models of sewing machines, 221 was built to last a lifetime…. It was Singer's top of the line in this class for years and one of their most expensive sewing machine.
A pretty good deal, provided the "CARRING CASE" is stuffed with hundred dollar bills.

I passed on the solid gold featherweight but bought myself a used 5'x3' cutting mat. Nice to be able to lay out more than one pattern piece before cutting and shifting the fabric! I gave it a test run cutting the Vogue 8499 Marcy Tilton pants out of purple moleskin.
MVI 0406
I have vowed to go slow and be careful with these pants, enjoy the sewing, and avoid frustrating stupid mistakes. Hah! First, even with all my new cutting territory I somehow managed to turn pieces around so I think I've got the (very visible) nap going every which way. Design element. And piece 12 of the pattern has disappeared into thin air. I can find neither the traced version nor the original--it has simply vanished. Fortunately it is just the front facing and I can sort of figure it out, but where did it go? I used to be very good at finding things, but now it's a wonder I can even walk around without tripping over all the bits and bobs I've lost over the years. My house isn't large enough to hold all the things I can't find!

Oh well. I made a trial version of McCall's 6031 but forgot to take a picture before I mailed it to DD in Washington DC to try on for fit.M6031
She got it! She likes it! She wants me to finish this one and make another! I'm excited to sew for someone who looks cute in clothing.


  1. That's a ridiculous amount of money!

    Certainlys sounds like you've been busy, although I have to admit I'm glad I'm not the only one that cuts things the wrong way round! Good luck with the trousers, I hope they turn out well in the end.

  2. "My house isn't large enough to hold all the things I can't find!" Love this. Can so relate.
    I always get nap the wrong way too.

  3. we all have these nap issues! Enjoy the cutting mat.

  4. Hi KC,
    Just found you tonight from my blog. :-)
    Love those Marci Tilton pants on everyone I have seen make them. Looking forward to seeing yours. I have the pattern you made for DD but haven't made it. I'd love to see a pic if DD ever sends you one.

  5. LOL Design element!!! This post had me ...in stitches? Well, trying to keep the tea from exiting via my nose anyway.

  6. F.Y.I., did you make up a muslin of those? According to many reviews the ease on those pants is ridiculous and I wouldn't want you to ruin your beautiful aubergine moleskin.

    1. No muslin but I read many many reviews so I think they will fit OK once I am brave enough to sew in the elastic and try them on. Anyway, today seems to be a good day to ruin purple moleskin--FabricMart (where I got it) is offering it for $2.99 today only.

  7. If you want to have a laugh at my expense at nap issues have a look at: