12 May 2012

Unique LA: It's a Small World

I mostly use facebook to keep track of my extended family. I was going to say "distant relatives" but actually my facebook connections are mostly first cousins; they are just geographically distant. So I was browsing facebook this morning and saw that my oldest cousin on my mother's side, recently retired to Florida, had wished good luck to an artist displaying and selling her work at a booth at Unique LA's Spring Show this weekend at the California Market Center in downtown Los Angeles.
The artist, Christina Tonges Korn, is my first-cousin-once-removed-in-law. I believe I'll swing by and introduce myself tomorrow on my way home from my law school's commencement. You might want to check out the event, which includes free diy workshops and crafts and free drinks with distressingly healthy names.
Oh, and apparently a prime draw at Unique LA is Caine's Arcade, transplanted from its home in East Los Angeles. I had never heard of Caine's Arcade but a short film about it by Nirvan Mullick has been viewed by almost 3 million people on YouTube and liked by 34,000, including one on-line friend of mine from Toronto. Small World.

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  1. I missed the Craft Fair, but I have seen Cain's arcade. Gosh! Remember as a kid how much fun a big cardboard box was: it was a fort, a house, a giant opening to a world of our childhood imagination. My brothers and I would drag that big cardboard box over to the park and climb inside of it and roll down the grassy hills. Caine's Arcade reminds me of the fun of cardboard.