24 June 2012

The Stars in Alignment

Well, all I meant was, this is both the second anniversary of this blog and my 100th post. Calloo callay, right? So, I thought, I'd title this post "The Stars in Alignment." But then I realized I don't actually know what that means, so I asked my friend Google, and it turns out to be what the Mayan Calendar End-of-the-World stuff is all about--Gallactic Alignment 2012. I'm sorry, but this post is not going to live up to the hype. Deal with it.

Not that it won't be a decent post. It would be better if I had decided what to give away to celebrate 2 + 100, but I haven't figured out what I have or can do that anyone would want so I'm still thinking about it. But meanwhile I have an award to graciously accept and, maybe, pawn off on one of you. Last month the delightful Elle C gave me the Sunshine Award!
Actually she gave me the Liebster Award but, ungrateful child crone that I am, I nagged her into switching it out for the Sunshine award because I already had the Liebster Award. ElleC is funny, talented, and thinks we were separated at birth, with which I am honored to agree!
The Sunshine Award comes with questions to answer:

Favourite Animal: My familiar William the cat.

Favourite Number: 17.

Favourite Non-Alcoholic Drink: Double Espresso just kissed with a little foam, aka Double Macchiato. Not too much foam, please. No, not that much--don't pour it in! Use the tiny cup and fill it less than half way. Oh, whatever.

Facebook or Twitter: Facebook. Yes, it is intrusive and annoying, but it has put me in touch with friends and relatives I hardly remember, without demanding anything more from me than that I "like" them occasionally.

My Passion: Does sleeping count? Teaching, but that sounds too self-important.

Getting or Giving Presents: Giving. Less pressure.

Favourite Pattern: Right now probably Butterick 5498 because I just made it and it looks OK. I'll post a picture next time I wear it.

Favourite Day of the Week: Thursday.

Favourite Flower: Salvia Leucantha (Mexican Sage), which grows well in my garden no matter how I neglect it and has pretty velvety purple flowers and velvety white stems.

Favourite celebrity role model: I don't really do celebrity role models, but I do admire Annette Bening's hair.
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Now it is my turn to pass this award along before the world ends, so I give it to Marie in the Cave, who was such a delightful presence on the Me-Made-May '12 Flickr page, is German but lives in Switzerland, likes Terry Pratchett, Dick Francis and Jane Austen, and hasn't posted a No Awards, Please warning on her blog.


  1. Calloo callay! Cabbages and kings! Happy second blogiversary.

  2. Beautiful blog! Happy Anniversary! You have a divine sense of humor! Love coming here to greet you!

  3. Wow, thank you very much! I'm feeling honoured and also happily surprised to receive the award, as my blog doesn't exist for a long time (I hope I will celebrate a blogversary one day, like you)! Happy anniversary!

    1. Well, you posted a lot in the Me-Made-May flickr group and that's just as good as blogging, right?

  4. I was wondering what happened to you, and why you hadn't graciously thanked the academy for your award. I was hoping you were jet setting some where wonderful on this ping pong ball we all live on. Please tell you weren't doing something pedestrian like working, eating, sleeping etc.

    1. I do try to keep up with working and am fully committed to eating and sleeping, but the blog break was due to the pain and anguish--I mean, great fun--of posting to the Me-Made-May flickr group every damn day in May. I still can't bear to look at photos of myself!

  5. Well deserved! Both for you and for Annette!