13 November 2013

Broads Abroad

Where have I been? Nowhere, lately, by which I mean home here in Los Angeles. But I have made Some Big Decisions. I have decided to:

  • sell my house
  • pay off all my (considerable) debts
  • retire from my employment as a law professor (technically, become a professor emerita); and
  • tour the USA and then other parts of the world on my bicycle.

Am I prepared for this? Well, I have a bicycle.

New Randonee

And a tent. I'll have to tour a bit on the cheap. My idea was to take house money and pension money accumulated at ridiculous Los Angeles levels and spend it somewhere less expensive--which is most of the world. DH, who hasn't had an income for over 10 years, does not want to leave L.A. Small problem there. We'll see.

Anyway, the title. Broads Abroad is a network of women who like to travel solo and/or are willing and able to host others of the same persuasion. If you are familiar with Couch Surfing (for travelers of all ages and genders) and Warm Showers (for bicycle tourists) Broads Abroad is similar, although intended to be more tightly controlled, I think. More careful verification of new members, for example. Broads Abroad is the brainchild of Mandy Rowe, an Australian artist and psychologist and author of the blog Midlife Spices.

Broads Abroad is very new and, I think, very exciting. Membership will be $88 AU but the first 1000 people to join will receive the first year free (and without supplying credit card information). It's not for everyone (there are 949 free memberships left!) but it might be for you!


  1. Fantastic! I was wondering what was going on with you. You MUST blog your travels!

  2. It is so not for me. But it sounds like a blast. If you ever find yourself in the sunny Okanagan Valley, I have a guest room for you. However, you must not be allergic to dogs, or dust bunnies. I am serious about the invite.

  3. Not for me either, but does sound like fun....If you make it to the Shenandoah Valley, I have a guest room...now that I've moved from the also ridiculously expensive Washington, DC area....I also have spare sewing machines should you wish to sew on your trip.. :)

  4. I am at that point as well. I have retired, I have gotten most of my health issues resolved. I too am in the process of cleaning out and downsizing in order to sell my house in the N VA area. I want to relocate to a cheaper area so I can afford to travel in our travel trailer. Life is too short to sit in an expensive house and wait for stuff to happen. My sewing stash is being down sized as I am only sewing from it these days. While I was still working I used to dream about being free to sew sew sew....