27 February 2011

My Thrifty Vest

I am extremely proud of myself! (Do I say that too much?) I made a vest of a tapestry-like bit of upholstery fabric I've had for at least a decade (vest front) plus suede I harvested from a thrifted leather coat. I've already made two gift book covers from the coat, so finding the yardage for the vest back took some doing--I had to use the sleeves and find a good place for the sleeve seams to fall. And I did it! Here's the vest back:

IMG 2087

You can just see the old sleeve seams an inch or two from the side seams in this photo.
Unfortunately, the vest looks better on the hanger than it does on me, but I'll save that and my review of the pattern (McCall's 2260) for another post. For now, just admire the suede.

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