01 March 2011

Me-Made-March Day 1 and a Blast from the Past

OK, it's March 1 already. I can make it through the end of the week for sure, I think. Today I wore my gold moleskin skirt, which has been seeing a lot of wear since I made it in January.IMG 2103 2

It hadn't occurred to me that the hardest part of Me-Made-March '11 would be taking the pictures, but it might be so. It took me half an hour to learn to use the timer function on my camera!

As for the blast from the past, I was a big Gerry and the Pacemakers fan in my early teen years, and I still am. But how did a bunch of painfully young Liverpuddlians come up with such a hysterical Golden-Ager name for themselves? The Pacemaker hadn't even been invented yet when Gerry(atric) and his pals adopted the name! But they must have known they'd appeal to us old-timers someday--why else would Gerry emulate a bad toupe with his hairdo?

I like the following version of "I Like It" in part because I think he is really singing, not lipsinching to their hit recording.

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  1. Ooo, I love Gerry. Um. Not from being a teenager though. Well, I mean I did like them as a teenager, but you know, sort of, uh, retrospectively.

    Hmmmm... so what WAS a "pacemaker"? I always sort of had it in my head something like "trendsetter" except now that I think about it, that doesn't completely make sense. Now I'm thinking a "pacemaker" is someone who runs out in front of the horses at the track to set the pace. (There's no such thing, right? Sounds good though, huh?) Maybe Gerry and his friends had a gambling problem.