22 May 2011

Reinventing the Field Hockey Uniform

I borrowed this photo of a 1940's field hockey team from Fuzzielizzie, who found it at a flea market. I'm so glad Google served up this image for me, because I'm loving Fuzzielizzie's beautiful blog, The Vintage Traveler. Serendipitously, today's post at The Vintage Traveler features a photo of vintage cycling wear!

But I digress. Here's my new, nearly finished creation.

IMG 0030

I'm actually quite pleased with my accomplishment here. I think this is what you guys call a wearable muslin. I could, and will, cycle in this dress (worn over cycling pants). It has some shaping at the waist but I can still get into and move around in it. Having traced and modified the bodice from Simplicity 3506 (the dress), I then figured out how to cut and attach a skirt to it. Next time maybe I'll cut the bodice and skirt in one piece so there's no seam at the waist, but I was so focused on getting the top to work that I didn't think about what would hang under it.

OK, so not very crazy yet. But it's a start.

Bonus learning--I decided just to finish the neck with bias binding cut from the same fabric (I have acres of this stuff--I originally bought it to make duvet covers with), so I decided to try making continuous loop bias binding following the Rachel's tutorial at Colette patterns. Magic!

IMG 0031


  1. Oh, it does have a very cool vintage sports uniform feel to it!

  2. I LOVE to make bias binding. Very nice.

  3. Your pretty red dress are delightful! I think you did such a beautiful job! Everything you added looks so sensational! Great project!

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