18 May 2011

Reinventing the Wheel Part 2

Wow, thanks for all the supportive comments on Part 1! The title of that post was only supposed to refer to steps in the process of making the cycling dress--after hours of experimenting and pondering I find myself doing things I've read about a million times on your blogs, like borrowing a piece from a similarly shaped pattern, etc., thus reinventing the wheel. But, once I started writing, my soul (unconscious? evil twin?) grabbed hold of the pen. Writing is a dangerous business.

Before I get back to the project at hand, I think I'll have a little lie down to recover from the rose print discussion Karen's moderating over at Did You Make That,"It's Official. My Boyfriend's An Idiot." I'm pretty sure I turned 40 before one or two of the people commenting wisely over there on age-appropriate dressing were born.

OK, that's better.

I gave up on making a pattern from the dress and rummaged through my pattern library bin for something I could use. I came up with Simplicity 3506.

IMG 0023

The bodice seems about right, although the skirt is too fitted. (The two pics below were taken milliseconds apart.)

IMG 0020IMG 0021

So I traced the bodice, straightening it where it curved inward, and will make it up without the darts and stick a skirt on it.

IMG 0029

And we'll see.


  1. What is it with cats getting on patterns and fabric? And now mine wants to sit in the middle of the quilting hoop, while I'm working on it. I love the video where your cat also wants to be the star. Oh and once my kids are grown I would like to become a crazy cyclist too. My deadly treadly is currently rusting at the back of the shed.

  2. I don't know about the cats, but it really is hard to guide the seam under the presser foot when a cat is sitting on the fabric. Just sayin'.

  3. I love the print on your fabric! And your puss-cat is so sweet, "helping"...!