24 November 2011

Happy Thanksgiving and Oops!

I've always wondered why sometimes a new post will turn up on my blogroll and then when I go to look at it it's not there. Well, now I understand because I did it! I clicked "share" on a youtube video to post it to my other, (even) less active and far more political blog, and it turned up here. Oops. I don't think my politics are any secret--my objection to both Hilary and Barack in the last election was that they are way too conservative--but I don't mean to bother sewists and crafters with them.

So to avoid another content-free post here, I offer a current WIP pic:
IMG 0322

I managed to get this shot without my familiar, but you can see that the cat has been busy in the background distributing a ball of yarn around the rug. The WIP is a Sulka Scarfette pattern designed by Maya that I found through Ravelry when I was looking for something to do with the 2 skeins of merino, alpaca and silk Sulka by Mirasol that fell into my basket at the yarn shop. It's a Christmas present for DD, but it's safe to post it here because no matter how many blogs I have she doesn't read them.

Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving in the US and happy day everywhere else!


  1. I was entranced by the video. Thanks, even if you didn't mean to post it here. I shared your sentiments about the last election.

  2. wow, I was trying to figure out what happened to that post because I really wanted to read it! Now I know (and have a new blog to read too, yay!)

    LOL at you comments about the last election... I've always considered myself a 'slightly left-leaning moderate Democrat' but good Golly Molly! These days that like saying you're on the ultra-left.