19 November 2011

How can it be November already?

I confess, I've been caught in a procrastinator's vicious circle: months ago Tors of Girl Meets Wolf won my blogiversary giveaway, a set of vintage Singer Sewing Machine feet, and it took me forever to get around to mailing them to her. Bad me. And whenever I thought about posting to my blog I thought, "But first, you have to send those feet!" And so it goes. But now I've finally sent them off across the continent and then the Pond, along with a selection of goodies to assuage my guilt, so (in my weird little moral economy) I can post again! Lucky you.

Here's what I finished today.
IMG 0320

It is Vogue 8525, made from some shiny, shreddy, see-through synthetic knit which is real pretty to look at but a bear to sew on. I bought the pattern a long time ago and probably wouldn't buy it if I were just seeing it now, having finally learned that shapeless clothing on a shapeless body does not produce a shapely silhouette. But look at those slash pockets! I've never made non-patch pockets, so go me! And although the FO looks like a sack, I am proud to say that it looks just like the photo on the pattern envelope, which also looks like a sack. Which of course raises (but, if you please, does not beg) the question of why I bought it.


  1. I bought this pattern also-hoping that a sack draping on my short curvy body would make me look tall and lean. ahhh, denial. Your top will look nice over a swimsuit, or some leggings.

  2. Chuckle, chuckle - I love the way you write! Hmm, I think this is like me realising I am not a flat-chested size two Japanese pattern book lovely... oh well sometimes I don't care and wear shapeless, unflattering things anyway :) Oh and I can't entirely remember what 'begs the question' means but I do know many people use it incorrectly, which irks me even though I can't entirely remember why it should! I hope you get some wear out of this because it sounds like it was not an easy sew. Nice work on the pockets.

  3. Aaaw, thank you! You didn't need to assuage your guilt, I was all for blaming the Welsh postal service! ;)

    Maybe I've just not had enough caffeine this morning, but I like the top. Sometimes all you want is a comfy, unrestrictive top (with pockets, yay!) to swan around in. I think it'll fit the bill perfectly.

  4. I think we all get sucked in by the lovely drawings on the pattern envelopes. The drawing of the top over a pencil skirt looks very appealing.

    It looks very comfortable and you've learnt a new pocket technique and used a difficult fabric, so a big win I say :-)

  5. Thanks, all. I do intend to wear this item around the house, maybe even out of it. @Daisy Donut's Jane, that drawing does look very attractive. However, that woman is 8 feet tall!

  6. I just wanted to let you know the Singer feet and various goodies arrived yesterday, thank you ever so much! The doll is gorgeous, I can't believe you made that and the trees! So lovely! Adore the devil duck, I've never seen one before and it's fab, it'll have pride of place in my bathroom (I'm on the hunt for a matching angel one now too, see what you've done to me!) And thank you ever so much for my beads and shells, two places I've always wanted to go to and now I have a little piece of both to treasure.

  7. Yes, that does look just like the pattern envelope - sorry to hear it's a disappointment; I know this is the sort of thing I've done too. I hope you get some use from the top as it does look really nicely made!