22 December 2011

In the Mood for Snood

With the zeal of the converted I have joined the snood worshipping society of sewing and knitting bloggers. My extended family is already adjusted to getting their Christmas gifts from me somewhere between New Years Day and never, so I'm sure they won't mind waiting for these newly knitted treasures.

First, a snood for my SIL-to-be of Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick & Quick. I used the original Guardian pattern gone viral thanks to Karen. Here I am wearing it upside-down to demonstrate its versatility.

IMG 0339

Next, another scarfette, this one for my brother. Brother and Sister-in-Law-to-be live in a colder climate than I so no doubt they are dying for something to tie around their necks.

IMG 0342

This one is made of some 100% cotton South American Space Dyed yarn from the sale bin at the local Stitch Cafe with nifty buttons that cost more than the yarn.

IMG 0343

Then theres another snood just like the other snood for DD. I've redirected the green scarfette from her to my mother but I forget why--oh yes, because it was already done and I could mail it on time for Christmas, except I didn't. Also we bought DD a coat that clashes with the color of the scarfette.

Next up: I've decided to make gift bags and envelopes of all the Christmas fabric we started using last year instead of wrapping paper. And I'd like to whip up something for DS and DH for Christmas, which is still 3 days (ok, 2 days and an hour) away. Plenty of time. Too bad they don't need snoods.


  1. Ooh they're fab, even when worn upside down ;)

    Good luck with getting them all finished, have a great Christmas!

  2. "...somewhere between New Years Day and never..." LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!

    yeah, snoods are cool. and doable.

    Merry Christmas you crazy funny talented woman.

  3. Love your version of the snoods - esp. with the buttons. Middle of summer here so I am 'snood-less' for a few more months, but then I will attempt to knit a few up...

  4. How inspiring these projects are! I'm a beginning knitter, who has taken it up just because I fell in love with an antique scarfette and wanted to make some up-dated ones. Beautiful work!!