04 December 2011

Silk and More Silk

I went to Goodwill to look for ethical (i.e., used) buttons for DD's scarfette but no luck. Instead, I scored a wonderful baby blue silk sweater and a deep red silk blouse. I love silk and I love to buy silk at Goodwill. I always imagine I'm going to refashion whatever it is--usually a ginormous man's shirt, but then I just wrap up in it and that's that. As it turns out, these items just fit. I feel so frugal and ethical thrifting silk--although, I guess silk is not such an ethical fiber (as compared to wool or cotton) because the silkworm has to die to give it up. But I'll settle for delusional ethics.

Below is a glimpse of the sweater along with my WIP--the one row lace scarf by Turvid, which I'm making out of the rough silk yarn I spent too much on when I decided to try knitting again. I first made it into a small shawl that showed every single mistake and was too warm for my climate, so I unraveled that and now it's becoming a lacy scarf. Should I give it to my mother who will not wear it because it is purple but will be happy I made it for her? Or keep it because it is purple and I will wear it?

Photo on 12 4 11 at 17 23

Oh, you can also see the state of my funky hair, currently bleached and treated with Manic Panic Virgin Snow to make it white (ish). Somehow I lose my nerve every time I set out to add color, but now that my classes have ended maybe I'll decorate it for Christmas.

(Actually, now that I look at the finished post my hair appears to be neon lime green. I don't think it looks like that in RL, but what do I know?


  1. I think you should keep it so it gets worn and maybe make your Mum something else if you have time?

    Let me reassure you that your hair doesn't look lime green on my computer screen, it looks a very blonde colour.

  2. I vote you keep it too! Nothing worse than giving someone a gift that you love too and they don't use it! Grrrr!

    I can't see any green, you sure your monitor colour settings are ok? Could just need an adjustment.

    How will you decorate your hair for Christmas?

  3. What a lovely lace-y pattern! Hmmm, are you sure your mother won't wear it? it is such a pretty colour, she might be tempted... :)

  4. Hi KC, thanks for discovering and adding my blog! :)

    Hm it's beautiful, see if she admires it while you're working on it, if so give it to her, if not, keep it yourself!!

    My hair does the same in fluorescent light and in RL it's a gingery grey-streaked red. But nonetheless I vote you decorate your hair for Christmas just for funsies. What color haven't you tried yet?