02 July 2012

Kwik ButtMcVogue $1.99 Sale Mystery?

Through July 6 Kwik ButtMcVogue is selling off out-of-print and clearance patterns for $1.99 each, or less if you know the Club BMV secret handshake. I'm only posting this here because I found the sale site to be sort of wonky in a way that's worth knowing about, if it isn't just some glitch in my own machine. When I click on $1.99 Sale on the left of the web site I get a 3-page array of thumbnails from all 4 brands that says it will total 72 patterns over 3 pages ("1-24 of 72"). However, whenever I click a pattern and then go back to the array I see different patterns. So the actual sale includes way more than 72. Every time you go through the 3 pages you see different patterns from the last time. At least on my machine with my browser. YMMV.


  1. My mileage didn't vary. Same thing happened to me. Then (on Saturday only), I decided to search for a pattern that came up in the 72 and then annoyingly disappeared, it wouldn't let me buy it. Big snafu, me thinks. I did however, managed to order 12 patterns over three days, so obviously it wasn't that bad. It's not like I sat here hitting refresh every 30 seconds, or did I?

    1. I only racked up 8. One of them (a Marcy Tilton top) showed up once then disappeared as you describe. After looking for it for an hour or so (including time spent reading reviews of other patterns on PR, buying a few I wasn't looking for, etc.) I had a brain wave and searched the whole site for "Tilton." There it was, priced $1.99. Reader, I bought it.

  2. I'm glad I worked this out too. I hit refresh for some reason and spotted that the 72 had changed...so eventually I spent waaaaay too long searching the Butterick/McCalls/Vogue/Kwik Sew sites using the Out-of-Print link. Luckily for my bank balance I only bought 7 patterns (which was the difference before going into the higher postage bracket). Cool sale once we worked it out though!