04 August 2012

So, Promaballoona and Stuff


I live in Los Angeles. So I'm one of the Lucky Ones who can toddle off to Promaballoona in analog time and space tomorrow at SewLA. Which, by the way, is a great shop, and even better in its new location where instead of zero parking spaces it has at least 2! I was there just the other day and bought myself a copy of Sewaholic's Renfrew pattern, which I made up today into a wholly satisfactory tee.

IMG 0597

But what I should have been making was a dress for Promaballoona if, in fact (or in digital reality), I'm going. I'm awfully awesomely old for a prom but I suppose I could chaperone. Well, except for the being responsible and staying sober part.

Here is a photo of me last time I went to a prom, in 1968.

218481 rubber orange field marker game cone 28 inches

I kid you not. It was a yellow A-line dress with a neon orange net overlay. Or a sheer neon orange dress over a yellow petticoat. My date, my steady but very frustrated boyfriend at the time, wore a magenta tux. On which I pinned an orange boutonniere. Did I mention it was 1968?

So, now, 44 years later, whatever shall I wear? At first I thought I'd let Fate or, more accurately, FabricMart decide. I fell so hard for FM's 35% off sale (ending tomorrow 8/5) that I qualified for a free mystery bundle. You know how FabricMart tries to divine your style from what you order and match it with your mystery bundle, right? Right? Not.* Here's what I ordered:

IMG 0595

And here is what was in my mystery bundle:

IMG 0596

But totally prom material, am I right?

On the other hand, I did spend Tuesday of this past week shopping with my giveaway winner Amity and fellow seamster Nhi.

IMG 0592

Where I scored $25.00 worth of god-knows-what at $2.50/pound at Michael Levine's Loft.IMG 0593

Surely some of this stuff is crying to be made into a prom dress, right?

Maybe, maybe not. Stay tuned.

*Okay, the orange and yellow seem to have some kinship with the sky blue. But the orange and yellow are supplex for somewhat-high-viz cycling wear, for which the shiny sky blue is not suited.


  1. What an amazing haul! I thought at first that you wore a traffic cone on your head coming home from the prom after a few too many spiked drinks! :)

  2. OMG they sent you giraffe print! It is a little known fact that giraffe print makes everyone/everything look taller. I mean look at the animals it's normally found on..

    Man I want to have a meetup with sewing people X..S Wait I think there's one in Melbourne soon but it's going to be at Tessutti's (i.e. I'll probably buy one button or make a deposit on a zipper or something...) XD.

  3. Ah lucky you attending in person.
    That is ah, quite the colour combination for your prom. I sometimes wonder why men would wear things like magenta or baby blue tux's not that long ago and then shun pink. Where did the adventure in mens wear go?
    And isn't Renfrew great? I love wearing mine, it's a real staple of a pattern.

  4. there's so much prom possibility in there i wouldn't even know where to start... i can't wait to see where you landed!

    (by the way, i love your red skirt, it's gorgeous)

  5. KC, great meeting you last night. I love going downtown to explore the fashion district, if you want company some time we can go together.

  6. I loved the dress you made and wore, it was great meeting you last night! Count me in if you ever want to go fabric shopping!