30 April 2013

Sad Things On My Mind.

I've had a few things on my mind.

IMG 0006

If you bicycle and you can make out the white bike amidst the flowers and candles you know what this is. A boy on his bike was hit by a car and killed on Easter in the crosswalk at an intersection near my house. He was thrown 100 feet. The car, a Mercedes Benz, did not stop.
Did. Not. Stop.

Friends of the boy, who would have graduated from high school this June, keep the flowers fresh and the candles lit.

I pass by this corner every day.

Then there was this on Patriots' Day in Boston.

M Id 380347 Boston Marathon Bombings

Not in my neighborhood, but it still seems to matter.
More people were probably killed in Damascus that day. But


I have nothing to follow that but.

And then this.

67255169 bangladeshmapWalmart, H&M and Gap: Do your part to stop the murders of garment workers in BangladeshHere is a report on conditions in Dhaka Bangladesh, prompted by the Tazreen Fashion fire last November, and why they are so hard to change.

There is so little I can do about any of this but at least I try not to buy new clothes.


  1. Mary Carroll02 May, 2013 07:36

    I am here sitting next to you as we watch these things happen.

  2. Thanks, Mary. Sane and wise company matters a lot.

  3. we have some of those ghostbikes here too, the one i pass everyday has long since stopped having fresh flowers, just one old dry bunch.
    it often strikes me that so many things are a battle and what is unacceptable to one person is ok to another. people v machines, stopping v not stopping, wants v needs... what can you do apart from make the choices you think would make the world a better place one tiny bit at a time.
    and on a far less philosophical matter the small amount of spam i get is along similar lines to the onions on chilblains!