04 April 2011

Marching into April with Another Try at Tracing

Let's see, I've successfully completed Me-Made-March '11 without, however, much documentary evidence owing to the ridiculous redundancy. Here is the last new thing:

IMG 2175
It looks like an old thing, and a blurry one at that, but it is another refashioned reversible flowered skirt.

Since then I have repaired the blouse I made from the Skirt-of-a-thousand-Repurposes by putting a cowl on the wonky neckline (didn't I match that pattern well! Well, my cat likes it.):

IMG 2179

I've also made this version of Vogue 8151. Nicely done as far as I went but I made it from a tightly woven fabric and It. Does. Not. Fit.

IMG 2177

Now I'm hard (very hard!) at work on this skirt from KnipMode April 2011 (scan nipped from Fehr Trade -- and go vote for Melissa's wardrobe on Pattern Review where she apparently calls herself squirlypoo?):


I'm making the skirt from a sturdy charcoal doubleknit. As I've confessed, I've never traced a magazine pattern before. This dizzying beginning, coupled with terse instructions in Dutch and their alarming Google Translations (Leg de naaden onder de belegband. = Place the band naaden under siege!) and the fact that I've never made a skirt with a yoke before makes this project a real adventure!


  1. Boyoboy, I really hate it when I realize it.does.not.fit. aaarrrgh.

  2. ooh yay! I'm so glad you're going to make that skirt - it was one of my favourites from this latest issue.

    I don't know if you've seen it, but I trace all my patterns onto brown paper rather than fiddly tracing paper, and I think it's way easier. I did a post on this ages ago if you want some photos!