11 April 2011

Stuff I've Seen and Stuff I've Made

I'm making a lot of progress on the Knip Mode skirt, not all of it forward. So here are some pictures:

First, a couple of things I've seen. This is the front stoop on a home in my little hometown in rural Ohio. I think it speaks for itself, although I'm not sure what it is saying.


And this was snapped on a visit to Toronto. You Canadians really know how to have fun!


Now, some things I've made. I made the dolls who lived in DD's dollhouse (until the real estate market heated up and it was sold) from pipecleaners, wooden beads, fabric scraps and sculpy clay. When the house was full I turned to Lord of the Rings characters because I have been a Tolkien geek since the 1960s. Here are a few I have made and given away:

Aragorn and Arwen








Frodo and Sam (Sam is urging Frodo to eat a little lembas).


Actually, the connection between my geekiness and my sewing and crafting goes back much further than these relatively recent projects, but right now I have no pics. So time for you to 'fess up--do your obsessions collide?


  1. well.... I frequently feel compelled to create front yard dioramas while attending conferences about gum disease....

    oh no wait. that's a case of your highly, um, interesting photos colliding.

    seriously? what IS that garden tableux saying? I would dearly love to hear it's creator's explanations.

  2. Hi there,
    Just passing through. I saw you followed another sewing site and wanted to pass along a giveaway that's going on on my blog (The Dress-up Drawer) for a SUPER cute pattern.
    Cute blog! Sorry for the random comment!


  3. We Canadians do really know how to have fun - we just have clean teeth while we do it! In the WTF department, I just saw a truck with a life-sized statue of a horse in the back. "Walk the line" was painted on the side of it (the horse, not the truck). Weirder and weirder.