02 July 2012

When Worlds Collide.

The high point of my DS's year is Anime Expo,which has been held in Los Angeles for the last decade right around Independence Day. I gather that Anime is Japanese animation, but whatever else it is to inspire a huge annual convention has completely passed me by. DS, however, takes advantage of our location to gather his internet friends from around the world to crash at my house before and after the Big Event. Ordinarily I avoid the whole thing, leaving town if at all possible, but this year DS decided to attend in costume as Roger Smith, The Negotiator. Don't ask me. This is he.
4 23

And this is our version, a little the worse for wear, made from a thrifted black suit jacket and white shirt, my winter cycling gloves, and a tie made from scratch (that is, from stash and steam-a-seam) by DS.


The slouchy pose does not do justice to my effort to tailor the jacket to produce that muscle-bound shoulder, nipped-in waist of the cartoon, but trust me it was fabulous. Or, at least, DS said it was cool. I don't care what you've heard; I am a good mother.


  1. You are a GREAT mother!! Awesome job.

    1. You don't know the half of it! The crashing of the internet friends is happening now--IN MY SEWING ROOM! How I suffer for my children.

    2. Oh my god, does a mother's love have to go that far? You are a super great mother indeed!

  2. ohmegoddess.....the making of the costume I can understand, but only a crazy-great Mother would allow internet friends to crash IN THE SEWING ROOM! Eeeep.....you are a braver woman than I.....

  3. You know as anime costumes go, that's pretty tame and a good representation of the character. You totally rock as a mom hosting his friends like that.