09 July 2012

My Secret Identity and A Reason--No, Two Reasons to Blog

Followers of this blog are no doubt already tired of my search for appropriate old-lady bicycling clothing. Here is the get up I wore to cycle around town yesterday (note superhero pose: when not filling the world with lawyers I fight crime on my bicycle):

IMG 0545

The tunic is Simplicity 3506, sort of,

IMG 0023

and the leggings are McCall's 6360.

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Both are made of Dry Flex Knit, described by FabricMart as
90% Hi Wick Polyester/10% Lycra
Dry flex - high performance knit
Antibacterial finish
Moisture wicking
4-way stretch

The tunic is "sort of" Simplicity 3506 because that pattern has a small yoke at the front shoulder which is entirely missing from my version. And here's reason number 1 to blog: I cannot for the life of me remember where that yoke went. And I only made the thing a couple of months ago. It is pretty clear that after constructing the dress I needed to raise the neckline and the armscyes so much that the pinched-out portion swallowed the whole yoke. But could I have left myself a note? A little mark on the pattern piece to show what I did so I could do it again? A blog post with a picture or two? What was I thinking?

Most likely I was thinking that the modification I was making would not work and that I was this close to throwing the whole thing in a scrap bag, so why take pictures? But in fact, this became my favorite cycling dress, when it was a dress, so the other day I shortened it to tunic length and now it no longer gets caught on the seat when I dismount (or try to).

The leggings are a revelation! SO EASY! They are actually a bit too large, because when I am cutting any garment I figure only the very largest size will get around my magnificent rump. But SO EASY! I used Melissa Fehr's tutorial to put elastic in the waist and it worked beautifully! And I haven't done it yet, but the plan is to install a cycling chamois that I got from AeroTech Designs Cycling in a pair of leggings to make real cycling pants. If this works, it will be worth doing, because cycling wear is expensive, it almost never comes in a large enough size for a woman of substance, and it is even harder to find cycling pants that cover the knees. My knees have taken a great beating over the years should be heard but not seen.

And the second reason to blog? I forget what I was thinking when I wrote the title. Obviously I don't blog to share my extensive knowledge of sewing because my sewing is largely driven by bad fabric choices (the Dry Flex knit is an exception--it is very suitable for the purpose) and foolish shortcuts. I guess the second reason is just because I am lonely.

Update: Oh, I remember what I was thinking! A second reason to blog is to enjoy checking my stat counter! I never get very many hits (although every one is precious to me) but I am enchanted by the idea that someone whose ISP is in Toowoomba or Dublin or Rouen or Vevey or Chicago has stopped by my blog. Enchanted!


  1. You crack me up! I have a couple of leggings patterns....really must try them.... And for cycling? Jolly good idea there!

  2. Your superhero outfit looks great! I also find that bought cycling wear is often too tight for being comfortable.

  3. You always give me a chuckle :)
    And I think the tunic/leggings look is great on you.

  4. Looks like you hit your stride! Perfect bicycle outfit, or anything else a superhero does.

  5. Insert swearing here. Lots of it.

    I had written a clever witty charming comment (it probably wasn't that great, but you will never know, will you) and then my computer messed it up and it got lost.

    Bad computer. Go to your room and think about what you did, and don't come out until you are ready to apologise.

    I think the reason we sew is to have stuff that retailers refuse to provide for us, in your case leggings that fit, in my case a full length bathrobe. I don't know why those things are so difficult, in my case it isn't like I am freakishly tall, I am only 5'8" and have never had a full length robe.

    Have I ever told you I have the same Chile poster?

    Thank you for the giggle first thing in the morning. Perfect way to start the day.

  6. Ha, I'm totally stealing your knee joke! And I WAS going to make an obnoxious and bad joke about "filling the world with lawyers" being so very evil for a closet superhero, but... meh. not so much. There are almost certainly too many lawyer jokes in the world already.

    I love this super hero/biking outfit. And you are right, leggins are CRAZY simple to make. I make all my kids' because seriously? $25 for something that even I can whip together in half an hour?? Get OUT!

    (sadly, however, my stat counter ID will not be nearly as interesting as Toowoomba. Or even Chigago.)

  7. lol! I love your biking outfit! And "filling the world with lawyers"... I love that description. :)

  8. What a fun post. Your superhero biking outfit is awesome.
    Cycling clothing is one of the few items I buy RTW and I am very interested in your chamois link. Thanks!

  9. Awwwww, we read you. We just like to lurk.

  10. A tunic is a great idea for biking. The tunic and leggings look great on you!

  11. I have that legging pattern! In a larger size AND I had to take it in. A lot. So much for pattern measurements. Right. I knew that - I just forgot again.

    Love your superhero cycling outfit! Recently I was complaining (again) that exercise wear is sized for people who don't really need it. Not the rest of us who (gasp!) actually want to exercise more. Sigh. Gotta make it for ourselves then, huh?

  12. I'm totally behind on my blog reading, but I'm so glad my waistband tutorial helped! :) I'm totally won over by sewing my own exercise gear - it's one of the few circumstances were you really can save a ton of money by sewing your own!

  13. hahaha nice. You might want to look at Jalie (and Kwik Sew) for more 'active wear' oriented pattern. I use Jalie for my leggings pattern and I can recommend it highly. As soon as the weather gets a little warmer here I'll make a couple of their yoga things as well XD

  14. Ha Ha, a nice merry moment. Enjoy your blog and "your point of view"


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