08 January 2011

If I'm not going to sew on it anymore, that means it's done, right?

I thought I'd make my daughter a little jacket or shrug or something out of some slinky silver and charcoal knit I got at Michael Levine. Here's a picture of my cat sitting on the stuff. I started out trying to make McCall's 6245 view B (the simplest) but I misunderstood how the pleat in the sleeve worked and cut it out wrong. Plus I ran it by my daughter who said that a shrug would be of no use to her because clubs are too hot to want to wear or carry extra clothing. Never having been clubbing I'll have to take her word for it. So I decided to try a tee shirt as illustrated in Palmer & Brown's Sewing with Sergers. Here it is:
A frustrating thing about this stuff is it is so pretty but it photographs (that is, I photograph it) like steel wool.

So, on to something else.

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