31 January 2011

Slight Change of Plans

I've decided that, to get the maximum value out of the Men's Shirt Sew-Along, I will switch to the Colette Negroni pattern Peter and so many others are using. I made this decision partly to give me an excuse to visit Sew LA, where I've never been and which carries Colette and Kwik-sew patterns.


That's a bit of my car in the picture, but it turns out the parking lot is exclusively Domenico's so I had to blow through the store pretty quickly. I did manage to pick up the pattern (the last one), a tailor's ham (I had one on my Christmas list but somehow no one took me seriously) and a point turner before anyone caught me trespassing in the lot. And then I ran back in to take a picture. And to tell the nice clerk/hostess (ashamed I did not get her name) about the Sew-Along.


Turns out the restaurant was closed anyway.

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