30 January 2011

Your Looks Are Laughable, Unphotographable

I'm nearly finished making Vogue 8151, a Sandra Betzina Today's Fit knit shirt. Here it is lying on the bed:

And here it is 10 seconds later, of course:


The crew-necked version of this pattern has been made and positively reviewed by many; I made the wrap neckline intended to have scrunched-up sides. I am a big believer in scrunching my Tees; as Susannah of What Not To Wear UK advises, when your shirt rolls over your tummy no one can tell whether any particular roll is your tummy or the shirt. However my first try to install the bits of elastic to create the scrunch were unsuccessful. It may not matter; the shirt is snug enough to hold a bit of scrunch without elastic or gathering.

Anyway, I haven't hemmed the sleeves or bottom yet because I don't have the fit right. Next time I make this pattern I'll narrow the cross-over front panels, which gape a bit. But I'd love to be able to wear this one without pins holding it shut--I really like the fabric. It's more gorgeous than the photo reveals--the rich colors don't really show up and nothing I did to adjust the picture made much of a difference. So, do you (either one of you) have any suggestions for how I can take out some of the width across the front? Should I just stitch the crossed-over panel down so that even if it gapes it won't open? Does this make sense?

Oh, by the way, a good friend of mine has this insight into what's happening in Egypt posted on NPR's web site here.


  1. I think the appearance of a cat to lay down on a new garment is kind of the kitty-equivalent to those Inspected By tags that comes on ready to wear. I hate V necked blouses that always gape, and I am not nearly as skinny as I used to be. I made this pattern too, and yup, as you said. I opened the seam of the over-lap front, invisibly stitched a piece of stretched elastic cord to the inside, and re stitched. You will never see it with all that pattern on your knit. Gorgeous. Also the blouse is georgeous.

  2. I'm glad you suggested that! I was thinking of trying elastic in the front panel and it's good to know it's plausible. Thanks!