02 January 2011

Another Year

2010 had its highs and its lows for me. I spent 7 weeks traveling in England, Wales, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, the Czech Republic and Hungary, but I did not do the writing I wanted to do, and was expected to do on my sabbatical. I acquired a serger and a vintage Singer, and learned a great deal about fitting and garment construction, and built a bit of a stash of fabric and patterns, but I did not successfully complete a project. I saw my beautiful daughter bloom and grow into a responsible professional woman with humor and grace, but my son and my husband drift further away from satisfying or gainful employment. I spent much of the autumn depressed.

So, 2011. More cycling, more sewing and crafting, more reading and writing, more structure, less TV.

Happy New Year to all.


1 comment:

  1. Beautiful cat! More sewing and crafting will make your 2011 happier.