14 March 2011

I'm Quite Pleased With Myself Today

I was going to wear the same thing I wore yesterday--Me-made, but still ...
Yesterday and today are low-exposure days at work--no teaching--so I figured no one would notice. Except for the whole world via these damned pictures. So I grabbed this me-made vest and thrifted silk shirt at the last minute. It had never occurred to me to wear them together. The shirt is special--the tag in the back says "Bullocks Wilshire," a classic Hollywood department store which has been "repurposed" into the law school where I teach!

One reason I started sewing again was to drape myself with fabrics that I like to look at and to hell with what anyone else thinks. Today's get-up is very satisfying for me.

IMG 2146

Close-up of shirt fabric:
IMG 2150

Vest and shirt together:
IMG 2148


  1. It's very sort of wild west meets law library... in a good way. Plus, what a great story on the blouse!

    word verification: "reress" this is what Scooby Doo calls "recess"

  2. I think you look fabulous!

  3. Aw, Thanks, Beangirl (I think) and Mary Collins (definitely)!
    Mary, are you by any chance sewknutty on Flickr?

  4. It's a great outfit......and hey, we sew to wear what we like, not what the stores think we should like...(and they're wrong sooo often..)