07 March 2011

Me and Me-Made-March '11

I've been keeping up with my pledge, but barely. I'm finding the style blogging as hard as the me-making, which I'm also finding hard. But it's also inspiring, in a way. I could get by with my 3 skirts (1 has not made an appearance yet!), top, vest, jammie top and bag and not really be any more redundant with my clothing than usual, but undertaking to post a picture every day is enough to goose me to create more. Today's entry, for example, was serged up in the last 5 minutes before I left for work, when I idly picked up the hem I had cut off a thrifted skirt intending to shorten it before deciding instead to make a shirt of the skirt (not yet done) and wrapped it around my neck a few times. It felt so nice, and it was already hemmed on one side . . .

March 7
IMG 2119 2

March 6 (Vest)
IMG 2118

(and Bag)

IMG 2110
(I love this bag!)

March 5 (the jammies again)
March 4 (Shirt)
IMG 2108 2

March 3 (Skirt)
IMG 2106 2

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  1. I'm not brave enough to do any me-made-challenges as I don't yet have enough me made stuff to wear for a full month. I think you're doing an excellent job, and I suppose it does make you push on with sewing projects, so maybe I really need to do one!

    Thank you so much for you kind donation for Ted. I'm sorry that you are too far away for him to visit, as I know he would love to come and stay. Thank you.