13 March 2011

Some Me-Made Catch-Up

I'm finding Me-Made-March somewhat more educational than I expected (or hoped). I have spent years avoiding mirrors and hiding from cameras. This daily photography exercise, forcing me to see what I look like, is both disturbing and a little reassuring. The photos reveal an ordinary-looking person, not the misshapen clown who lives in my head. But they also reveal that the clothes matter. The easy skirt I hoped to make a staple of my wardrobe is not a good look for me or, at least, there are certainly better looks. So it goes.

March 8
IMG 2126 2

March 9
IMG 2137 2

March 10
IMG 2139

March 13
IMG 2142


  1. I love the look in the top photo. I'm a sucker for chocolate brown and long boots. I suspect A-line skirts would look good on you too?

  2. I am new to your blog and I'm reading through your old entries. I found that taking pictures of myself to show how my sewing looks has been really good for me, too. I had this idea in my head of what I look like and the pictures reveal something much different.