16 March 2011

Me-Made-March '11, In Flight

I am flying from Los Angeles to Delaware to coach a law-student team in a moot court competition, but I am now hooked on this whole Me-Made-March '11 thing, so I'm posting this from Row 19 of USAir Flight 796! I am so 21st Century I can hardly stand myself!

Photo on 2011 03 16 at 11 36

Here's yesterday:

IMG 2152

See what I did there? For the record, today's scarf is a different piece of the thrifted skirt-of-a-thousand-purposes from yesterday's pieces.

Up, up and away!


  1. Wow, I'm seriously impressed that you're blogging mid-flight. Hope you had a good flight and enjoyed the competition.

  2. you can blog from planes these days?!!!
    you're doing great with Me Made March, i totally agree with the photo-taking, it can be a real struggle, i've found this time around that if you have a specific spot that you know you can both balance the camera and know where to stand so you'll be in the picture its easier. boring for everyone else perhaps but much easier for the photographer-cum-model :)