01 June 2011

Day 1, and D-Day Minus 2

How did it get to be June already? Well, thanks to my relaxed summer schedule, I managed to sally forth in a brand new me-made top this afternoon. Technically, the new top was not necessary to hold up my end of the challenge today, because I woke up in a new pair of me-made jammies, which you do not need to see, made of the same stuff as the cycling/field hockey dress. Here's the top:

IMG 0039

The top is Simplicity 2580 cut down from dress to top. That's a cowl neck folded over there. I relied entirely on Melissa Fehr's instructions for assembling the top (you can see them printed out in the pic) and I'm pretty pleased with it.

IMG 0037

As for D-Day minus 2: I have an appointment for a hair cut and bleach and color at Manic Panic Salon on Friday. What color should I go for (in furtherance of my campaign to embarrass my daughter)? I'm leaning toward purple with lavender and blue highlights.


  1. Love the top!!! Go for purple hair!! Hey, you could even have the color match your new top... :)

  2. That top is beautiful and really flattering! Manic Panic Salon? Sounds exciting - maybe just go with whatever they suggest!

  3. That's a terrific top. Looks very nice on you. Oh, hair color--love, love, love hair color. I am 63 years old, and I have vibrant, dark red hair. At this age, I figure I can do whatever I want.

  4. Re hair color- mine grew back grey after chemo and I decided to do purple highlights. My hair,wanted a change. Do whatever you want.

  5. Beautiful blouse and it looks wonderful on you. As for hair color-go red :-)

  6. Yup, I had brown hair for the last 50 years, ready for something different for the next 50. Go for it.