30 June 2011

Farewell to June

June Challenge1

Alas. I pledged to wear me-made clothing or sport me-made accessories all month, and I pretty much succeeded, but with such mind-numbing repetition that I could not bring myself to pose for one more picture of my me-made bag or jammies.

And I pledged to make 4 dresses this month. Well, there's 45 minutes left to the month of June in Los Angeles, and I've made a dress! So, yay?

IMG 0170

Now, I grant you, it hasn't been hemmed (I thought it should hang overnight) and it needs a couple of alterations (I think I'll nip a half-inch out of each shoulder to raise the decolletage and the arm scyes and take in the side seams a bit, but it is a recognizable dress, no? Which I would not have made (well, not tonight) but for the Naked Seamstress's June Challenge. So, I have failed but the challenge has succeeded?

About the dress: it made from Simplicity 2580 using a yummy silk jersey I bought from Mood in Los Angeles with a Groupon. I had decided to use the Groupon ($15 off) on silk jersey, but the selection was uninspiring. This is a nice rich brown with cream polka-dots, though, so it's ok. I decided to treat my mother to an expedition to Mood--she sewed beautiful clothing for years and years buying all her fabric in midwestern US suburbs so I thought she'd find Mood interesting--but she got carsick on the drive from the San Fernando Valley to greater Beverly Hills and spent the whole time at Mood perched on a folding chair with her eyes closed dreading the return trip. Oh well. It still looks to be a pretty useful dress.


  1. Looks good, and yes I think it counts, the bulk of it is made in June so you win! Looks very sophisticated!

  2. OMG!!! Why is this post labeled "failure"? Huh? HUH???

    er. sorry. I had a triple coffee this morning. whew!

    Anyway, I LOVE this dress on you (yes, it needs to be raised, maybe even an inch? but FABulous!) Wow. Nice work.

    Also, you made one more dress than I did this month. It's not what you didn't accomplish. It's who you did better than. (That's my motto, anyway.)

  3. You win! I love the dress - you NEED simple dresses to show off your scarves and jewelry. Yay!

  4. Lovely dress! Love the cowl!

  5. I love this dress on you - and I'll bet you could get away with not hemming it, at least for a while -it's the fashion isn't it? I saw a photo of a very, very expensive designer wool coat in a magazine recently, with the "hemline" fraying long strands of wool - absolutely no hemming had been done!

    Does my word verification word "uncleswo" mean something? Uncle's woe? Hmmmm.