09 June 2011

Mothers and Daughters

Hey all,
I'm in Santa Barbara, CA, on my DD's 26th Birthday and the eve of her graduation from the University of California Santa Barbara with a Master of Environmental Sciences and Management degree. I'm here with my own mother, grandmother of the birthday girl/graduate. My mother is 82 and has been saddled with organizing a reunion of my late father's family in rural Ohio, without getting credit for being the hostess--it just happens that she lives near the old homestead which long ago passed out of family hands. She has done a spectacular job of arranging food and lodging for a weekend in July in a very popular regional tourist attraction where, contrariwise, there is nothing open after 9 pm on any day and nothing at all on Sunday. The only problem is, at 82, she keeps forgetting which problems she has solved and goes back to fretting about them all over again.

Meanwhile, DD has decided that she finds my new purple hair deeply disturbing and is personally offended that I decided to make this change coincide with her graduation. WTF? So, if you are following my MMJ photos (and seriously, why wouldn't you be?) you may have noticed that the purple has already faded to a dissolute periwinkle. I figure I've made my point, whatever it was, and there's no point in prolonging the purple so I'm washing it with the harshest stuff I can get my hands on. (Plus purple shampoo to highlight the blonde.) I'm getting no credit for this capitulation, as a lifetime of capitulation should have led me to realize. Oh, well.

IMG 0080


  1. Oh dear, too bad about your daughter. My family just did a double take and said they were surprised. Wow,your poor Mom though. Quite a job at 82.

  2. I am doing my hair in ash blonde and purple next: too bad you are changing or we could have been sisters from another mister..boo!

  3. Silly daughters...loved your story about your mom.

  4. Oh no, what a shame about your hair. Did you enjoy it whilst it lasted?

    Your Mum sounds like a legend, how amazing to be organising all that, I don't think I could do it!

  5. What an amazing event for your mother to be organising. I hope it all goes well, and you have a wonderful time! :)

  6. Congratulations to all three of you.