16 June 2011

My Sewing Space

I have a lovely long dining room table to sew on. Here you can see it stretching into infinity, and with the addition of yet another leaf, not shown here, it goes to infinity and beyond.

IMG 0018

However, DD has moved home from graduate school with her shiny new MESM degree and all her stuff. Here is my table today.

IMG 0115


IMG 0117

and my "sewing room".

IMG 0116

I guess it's time to do some gardening.


  1. Poor you! Happy gardening...

  2. Bugger. Start looking for flats now...depending on what mood you're in it could be for you or your daughter! Mind you I can't talk I moved back in with my parents after I left uni...and I did it twice! haha! ;)

  3. "I guess it's time to do some gardening."


  4. snort, haaahaa. I'm sure you are having a lovely day in the yard :-)

  5. I'm a hard-nose Mama. I'm going with "look for that flat". There comes a time when a person just NEEDS a sewing room!

  6. ha ha, this looks just like my house ! Too bad my yard looks like hell. I'm looking at all the lovely vintage machines with some serious sewing machine lust !